150 Bar&Grill Baku

150 Bar & Grill
Cuisine: European, Azerbaijani, pizzeria | Address: Ул. Izmir 5, Baku
Phone: + (994 12) 537-05-16 | Opening hours: 12: 00-01: 00
Popular dishes: steak, grilled meats, tiramisu, cheesecake, appleplamble

150 Bar & Grill - stylish lounge-restaurant, located in the park area Izmir and JCC them. G. Aliyeva. The interior of the restaurant, made in fusion-style, is characterized by laconicism and comfort: huge panoramic windows in each room, massive soft furniture, decoration in pastel colors, author's decor. In addition to the covered dining area, there is a seasonal outdoor playground. Kitchen 150 Bar & Grill is represented mainly by European dishes, the price level is medium. For example, grilled chicken in French you will be offered for 26 azn, "Caesar" with salmon - for 12 azn, pasta "Bolognese" - just for 12 azn. The map of desserts includes cakes, pastries, pastries and ice cream (from 8 azn). The restaurant 150 Bar & Grill periodically hosts chamber concerts and theme parties. Behind the poster and menu updates you can follow on the Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/150BarGrill?ref=ts.