A parks

The Governor's Garden
The Gubernatorial Garden is now called the Philharmonic Garden, here is the philharmonic named after Muslim Magomayev.
The Governor's Garden is considered the oldest garden in Baku. It occupies four and a half hectares, and was defeated in the thirties of the last century on the site of private gardens and vegetable gardens. For a long time the Governor's garden was the only garden in the city.

Fountain Square
Fountain Square is square in the central part of Baku. The first city square of Baku. It is located in the Sabail district of the city. On the south side, the square is bordered by Ahmed Javad Street, on the north side by Nigyar Rafibeyli Street. Around the square are monuments of architecture of the XIX and XX centuries, among which is the building of the museum named after. Nizami (1860s), the building of the cinema "Araz"

Baku Seaside Boulevard
Baku Seaside Boulevard is one of Baku's attractions, a favorite place for recreation of Baku residents and guests of the city. In 2009 he celebrated his 100th anniversary. The length of the park, which is currently 3 km 700 meters, after the general reconstruction will be 25 km.

Baku Venice
The corner of the Baku boulevard, known as the "Baku Venice", was built in 1960 and quickly turned into a favorite resting place for Baku residents and guests of the capital. But in recent years, "Venice" came to desolate, and therefore on March 30, 2011 issued an order of the President of the Republic on its reconstruction.

Zangezur National Park
Zangezour National Park named after academician Hasan Aliyev as well as the Shahbuz Reserve is located in the territory of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. There the reserve belongs to the Ordubad district. Established in 2003 as the Ordubad National Park named after academician Hasan Aliyev, the nature protection zone in 2009 was renamed into Zangezur National Park named after academician Hasan Aliyev. At the moment the total area of ​​the nature protection area is 42,797 hectares

Shirvan National Park
Year of Foundation: 2003
Area (hectare): 54373.5
Location: On the territory of Salyan region, as well as Garadagh and Neftchala districts of Baku.
Summary description: Created to protect and reproduce the Persian gazelle (Gazella sulguturosa), waterfowl and typical plant biotypes of the Shirvan Lowland. If you take into account the climatic conditions, the reserve is located in the zone of a moderately warm semi-desert and arid steppe. Summers are hot and dry, the winters are mild and dry.

Ag-gel National Park
Year of Foundation: 2003
Area (hectare): 17,924
Location: On the territory of Agjabedi and Beylagan districts.
Short description: It was created with the aim of preserving migratory routes, wintering and nesting areas for waterbirds, as well as breeding commercial commercial birds. The area of ​​4,400 hectares covers the water area of ​​Lake Ag-gel.

Girkan Nature Reserve
The Hirkan Reserve is located in the Talysh Mountains in the southeast of Azerbaijan and occupied part of the territory of the Lenkoran lowland that adjoins the mountains. The total area of ​​the reserve is 3.1 thousand hectares. The main purpose of creating such a reserve was based on the preservation of natural complexes of amazing relic subtropical forests in that unique transition zone from humid subtropics to dry ones.

Altyagach National Park
Altyagach National Park - Altyagach National Park was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 365 of August 31, 2004 in the administrative territory of the Khizi and Siyazan regions. The National Park is located in the north-east of Azerbaijan, on the administrative territory of the Khizi and Siyazan regions. Altyagach National Park was created on the basis of the Altyagach State Natural Reserve created in 1990 and the adjacent territories of the State Forest Fund. The area of ​​the park is 11035 hectares.

Absheron National Park
Apsheron National Park appeared in 2005 in the territory of eastern Azerbaijan, within the capital city of the city of Baku. The precursor of this nature protection zone was the Absheron State Reserve, the territory of which formed the basis of the newly created park.

Geigel Nature Reserve
The Geigel Reserve, located in the western part of Azerbaijan, was founded in 1925. The reserve is located in the Khanlar region. Its total area is 7131 hectares. When creating the reserve, the main goal was to preserve, and in some areas to restore, mountain-forest, mountain-meadow and mountain-lake natural complex.

Shahdag National Park
Shahdag National Park is one of the youngest nature protection formations in Azerbaijan. It was organized on the expanses of the mountain range of the Greater Caucasus in 2008. The location of the park is quite remarkable, because it is located in the border zone of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia. Thus, the location of Shahdagh National Park is determined by the north of Azerbaijan.