About Caspian Power 2018

About Caspian Power 2018:
From June 5 to June 8, 2018, the 8th Caspian International Exhibition "Energy and Alternative Energy" - Caspian Power 2018 will be held in Baku.

Sections of the exhibition:
Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
• Power engineering;
• Electrotechnical equipment;
• Electric, heat, gas supply systems;
• Equipment and machinery for housing and communal services;
• Systems and means of measurement and control;
• Automated control systems for technological processes;
• Software;
• Energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies and equipment;
• Safety of energy facilities and environmental safety.

Alternative energy sources
• Bioenergy;
• Wind power;
• Hydrogen energy;
• Geothermal energy;
• Hydropower engineering;
• Solar energy.

Cabling and wiring products
• Cable;
• The wire;
• Connecting fittings, insulating materials and other related materials;
• Technique of laying and installation of cable-conductor products.
• Lighting of industrial objects of various industries;
• Illumination of streets, underground passages, road junctions, transport highways;
• Light sources, light-emitting diodes;
• Light control systems and light measuring instruments.