Absheron National Park

Absheron National Park
Apsheron National Park appeared in 2005 in the territory of eastern Azerbaijan, within the capital city of the city of Baku. The precursor of this nature protection zone was the Absheron State Reserve, the territory of which formed the basis of the newly created park.

Today, the Apsheronsky National Park certainly has something to be proud of. Within its borders there are many such important mammals, goitered gazelles, Caspian seals, and a large number of waterfowl are registered in the protected area.
Of the animals living on the territory of the Apsheronsky National Park, many are listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan. Of course, the main asset of the park is its population of gazelles. In fact, the gazelle is a tall, slender gazelle. On average, the size of this animal reaches 95-115 cm in length, 60-75 cm in height and 18-33 kg in weight. Also of great importance is the population of jackals living on the territory of Absheron Park. This psalm mammal is omnivorous. Activity jackal shows in the dark. Unlike hyenas, it does not feed on carrion alone, although the latter is very important in the ration of the beast.

Together with the jackals live in the park and other representatives of the dog - the fox. More individuals are present in the local badger population. It is easy for them to live practically in any locality, tk. Badgers are almost omnivores. Of course, the badgers also have a favorite food, in this case they are mouse-shaped rodents and frogs, birds and their eggs, insects and mollusks, mushrooms and nuts, and so on. Often, badgers can be found behind the ripping of the bark - this means that the animal hunts for worms and larvae.

Very noteworthy is the avifauna of the Apsheronsky National Park. Of the greatest interest are the following species seen in the park: gray red and black ducks, coots, sandpipers, silver gulls, snuffling swans, marsh harriers and other migratory birds. Of the above, a unique bird is a marsh harrier, a bird of the hawks family. The marsh harrier prefers to hunt small birds and their eggs. Fish and various amphibians are also preferred for him. The marsh harrier and various rodents do not shun. Its nests, this bird swings on marshy, reedy and reed covered areas