Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts

Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts
The Art Salon of the Academy of Fine Arts, in addition to demonstrating the work of students and teachers, also offers a system of direct orders and sales of works to organizations and individuals. The salon presents samples of all kinds of activities of the Academy of Fine Arts - from jewelry to large-scale architectural projects.
Address: Prospekt H.Aliyeva 24, Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Academy of Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: 0125665669

Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts (Azərbaycan Dövlət Rəssamlıq Akademiyası, English Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts) - The Higher Art Educational Institution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, founded in 2000 by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, "On reforms in higher education", registration number 3164850 , the legal status - D.

AGAH is the first higher educational institution for art in Azerbaijan.

The opening of this educational institution was an event in the cultural life: the Academy of Arts, the first in the history of art education in Azerbaijan, gathered all the artistic and creative elite of the country in its teaching staff.

Azerbaijan State Art Academy is a leading university specializing in the training of highly qualified specialists in design, painting, theatrical and decorative arts, graphics, carpet artists. He also prepares fashion designers and artists for advertising.

The Academy is a center for training specialists in sculpture. Also, the restoration of old exhibits is being trained.

In addition to the above specialties, students who graduated from the academy receive skills in working with glass, ceramics and metal. Products made by graduates of the academy are exhibited at international exhibitions and sold abroad in private collections.