Firuze restaurant Baku

Cuisine: European, Azerbaijani, Mexican | Address: Fountain Square, st. T. Aliyarbekova 14, Baku
Phone: + (994 12) 493-96-34 | Working hours: 12: 00-02: 00

"Firuze" is a restaurant of national Azeri cuisine, entirely and completely preserved in a picturesque oriental spirit. It is located on Tarlan Aliyarbekov Street, a fifteen minute walk from the French Embassy and Malokansky Garden. Here you can enjoy delicious meat and vegetable dishes, cooked with a lot of different seasonings and spices. Do not forget to try the amazing Azerbaijani sweets and soft drinks based on fruit and berry juices. Look around, appreciate all the charm of national patterns, paintings, woven carpets and decorative trifles, permeate with the atmosphere of the East and enjoy a pleasant rest in a good company as much as you want.

firuza restaurant baku