The state of Azerbaijan appeared about 5000 years ago. The first signs of statehood arose in this territory at the end of the IV millennium BC, and even earlier there lived tribes of atropatenes and Albanians, Scythians, monasteries, Iskims and Mann that influenced the formation of a single people with common cultural values, tradition and economy.


Since the III century AD, the state was occupied by invaders from neighboring states, these were the Iranian Sassanids and the Arab Caliphate. With the latter, a large number of migrants practicing Islam - a religion that has become the impetus for the development of a single state with the same customs, traditions and language - migrated to the country. At that time, the Khanate of the Sheddadids, Ravvadids, Salarids, Shirvanshahs, Sadjikhs appeared on the lands of Azerbaijan, about which time they speak as a Renaissance in the history of the people.


At the end of the XVth a new period begins: then the Shah Ismail Khatai united the southern and northern territories, and the single Safavid kingdom appeared with the main city of Tabriz, the future of Baku.


After several centuries, the territory of the empire grew up with new lands, thanks to the conquests of the ruler of Shah Nadir, who was a talented military commander. Then the territories of the northern part of India, including the city of Delhi, entered the Safavid Khanate, but after the death of Nadir, the state split into several smaller ones.


Arrived in the XVIII century to power in neighboring Iran, the Ghajars made the territories of Azerbaijan vassal with centralized management. At the same time, Russia defended its rights to the South Caucasus. The Ghajars and the Russians fought for the land, until they agreed on peace and division of the territories into the southern ones, which became Iranian, and the northern ones, which went to the Russian Empire.


In the 20th century, one of the socialist republics appeared on the territory of Azerbaijan, which became part of the USSR in 1922, having existed until 1991. On August 30 of that year, Azerbaijan became an independent state.