Lenkoran, Azerbaijan

Lenkoran, Azerbaijan
Lankaran is an amazingly beautiful city-port on the shore of the Caspian Sea, almost on the border with Iran. One of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. The time of its foundation, however, is unknown. It is only true that it was part of the Caucasian Albania, and in the 18th century it was the center of the Talish Khanate. During the Russian-Persian war, Lankaran was destroyed by the Persians, who built a fortress here. In 1813 Russian troops stormed Lankaran, after which the city became part of the Russian Empire.
The city itself is interesting by the Lankaran fortress (XVIII century) and the Kichik-Bazar mosque (XIX century). In 100 km. north of Lenkoran lies one of the most beautiful cities of the Middle Ages - Hanega, in which fortified walls (XII-XIV centuries), the mosque and burial vault of Pir Hussein, the minaret and other ancient structures were preserved.
The city lies in the subtropics, which makes it one of the best balneological resorts in the country.
Right in the center of the city is the Miramhad Khan House - one of the most beautiful architectural monuments.

Lenkoran Fortress
The mosque and burial vault of Pir Hussein