National Drama Theater

Statement on March 10, 1873 in the "Club of the Aristocrats" comedy MF. Akhundova "The Vizier of the Lenkoran Khan" students of the Baku Real School under the leadership of the prominent Enlightener Hasanbek Zardabi laid the foundation of the professional national theater, in other words, the Academic National Drama Theater (ANTT). The theater, previously representing performances in the form of various troupes (in theatrical companies in the cultural and educational societies "Nijat", "Shafa", "Hamiyat", as well as in the form of "Union of Muslim Dramatic Artists", "Administration of the Hajibeyov brothers"), since 1919 the year to the present, carries out activities in the status of the State Theater. The theater in different years was called the Government Theater, the United State Theater, the Azerbaijan-Turkish Drama Theater, etc., bore the names of Dadash Bunyadzade (1923-1933) and Meshedi Azizbekov (1933-1991). In 1959, the theater was awarded the Academic title for its high achievements. Since 1991, the cradle of art is called the Academic National Drama Theater.
In the 125-year history of the theater, after the founders of the acting school such as Abulfat Veli, Magomed bey Alvandi, Huseyn Arablinsky, Jahangir Zeynalov, Abulgasan Anapl, a huge generation of actors and directors has grown up: People's Artists of the USSR Mirzaga Aliyev, Sidgi Ruhulla, Marziya Davudova, Alesker Alekperov, Adil Iskandarov (director), Hokyuma Gurbanova, Ismail Dagestani, Ismail Osmanli, Mohsun Sanani, Rza Tahmasib (actor and director), etc.
ANDT won the viewer's favor thanks to plays by MF Akhundov, NB Vezirov, AB Khagverdiyev, N. Narimanov, J. Jabbarly, G. Javid, S. Rakhman, I. Efendiyev, in different years included in the repertoire works of world classics - Shakespeare, Schiller, Moliere, Lope de Vega, Carlo Galdoni, A. Dumas, V. Hugo, G. Hauptmann, Maurice Maeterlinck, Balzac, Eugene O'Neill, B. Nuschicina, M. Sebastian, G. Heine , Voltaire, A. Ostrovsky, A. Pushkin, M. Lermontov, L. Tolstoy, N. Gogol, A. Chekhov and dozens of other playwrights.

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