Oil and Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals of the Caspian Sea 2018

About the conference "Oil and Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals of the Caspian Sea 2018":
The Caspian Oil and Gas Conference has established itself as an annual meeting place for the exchange of ideas, experiences and technologies. Participation in the conference allows assessing new trends in the development of the oil and gas market, the potential of the region, the prospects for solving energy security problems in the world, and major investment projects.
The participants of the conference include representatives of governments of different countries, heads of state oil and gas organizations of countries - major energy exporters and importers, leaders and leading specialists of international organizations and various oil and gas companies.

Conference topics:
• Transformation of the world energy market;
• The role of the Caspian region in ensuring energy security;
• Review of the main directions of development of exploration and production;
• World demand for hydrocarbons and share of Caspian energy resources;
• Cooperation between the Caspian states. Opportunities for foreign investors in the energy sector;
• International transport projects in the Caspian region. Diversification of export routes of Azerbaijan;
• New projects in the production, petrochemical and oil and gas processing sector. Safe and efficient methods of manufacturing high-tech products;
• Safety of the environment. Technologies and services taking into account the impact on the environment;
• The growing geopolitical and economic role of the Caspian region.