Road & Traffic 2018

From 14 to 16 May 2018, the 8th Caspian International Exhibition "Road Infrastructure and Public Transport" - "Road & Traffic 2018" will be held in Baku.

Azerbaijan is a dynamically developing country. Over the past eight years, the gross domestic product has increased threefold. Large investments over the past 10 years have been made in the sector of road infrastructure, and this sector has become one of the fastest growing. Reconstruction and construction of new roads, development of the Baku Metro lines, increase in the number and quality of the public transport fleet, development of intellectual transport management systems in Azerbaijan all served the urgency of the exhibition "Road Infrastructure and Public Transport".

The sections of the exhibition "Road & Traffic 2018":

Road Infrastructure
• Design and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels;
• Road-building machinery and equipment (graders, loaders, excavators, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, machines for laying road pavements and sidewalks);
• Road surface (asphalt, concrete, gravel), road construction materials;
• Road maintenance (sweeping machinery, stubbing, waste handling equipment and equipment, equipment for repair and maintenance of road surfaces);
• Tunnel-drilling equipment;
• Quality control systems for road construction;
• Equipment for geological research;
• Geodesy, equipment for geodetic research;
• Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
• Parking systems (underground and aboveground parking, turnstiles, card readers, automated payment systems);
• Movable barriers;
• Roadside furniture (bus stops, benches, garbage containers, enclosing thumbs);
• Road lighting;
• Noise abatement systems;
• Equipment for gasoline stations.

Intelligent transport management systems
• Systems of payment for travel and control of passenger traffic;
• Intelligent motion control systems;
• Vehicle recognition systems;
• Displays for public transport;
• Road electronic monitors;
• Navigation systems;
• Radio communication equipment;
• Lighting regulation systems;
• Simulators of vehicles and road safety.

Public transport
• Buses and minivans;
• Taxi;
• Water public transport;
• Trams;
• Internal finishing of public transport (seats, interior lighting, audio-video systems);
• External finishing of public transport (tires, braking systems, electrical systems, cabins and bodies);
• Parking systems for bicycles and mopeds;
• Metropolitan - rolling stock, wagons;
• Construction of metro, equipment for construction;
• HVAC systems for public transport (heat, ventilation and air conditioning);
• Public transport service: dispatch centers, depots, washing stations, repair facilities);
• Products and services for passengers with disabilities;
• Elevators and escalators.

Road Safety
• Road signs;
• Road barriers and collision mitigation means;
• Road cones;
• Road mirrors;
• Technical assistance vehicles;
• Machines and materials for road marking;
• Reflective materials;
• Ice warning systems, means for winter operation;
• Breathalyzer;
• Means of light and sound warning;
• Means of technical control of the condition of the pavement;
• Vehicle speed control systems;
• Means of speed limitation;
• A uniform.

Consulting, Investing, Research and Education
• Leasing of public transport;
• Investing in road infrastructure projects;
• Universities;
• Research institutes;
• Trainings in the field of road safety;
• Environmental monitoring;
• Safety at the construction site;
• Quality control and certification.