Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
Shamakhi is an ancient Azerbaijani city. Originated in the 5th century. BC. e. In the IX-XVI centuries. - the capital of the Shirvan kingdom, the residence of the Shirvanshahs - one of the most beautiful cities of the East. From the middle of the XVIII century - the center of the Shemakhan khanate (remember the Shemakhan tsarina Pushkin).
The main attraction of the city is the fortress of Gyulistan (XI-XII centuries) - the last shelter of Shirvanshahs, built to defend the boundaries of the city. No less interesting are the mausoleum of Eddie-Gümbez ("The Seven Domes") with numerous burial places of the rulers of Shemakha, the Juma mosque (X century, rebuilt in the 19th century), numerous ruins of the X-XVII centuries.
Today Shamakhi is also a recognized center of winemaking and carpet weaving. And yet, this is a literary city, which is the birthplace of many Azerbaijani poets. By the way, not far from Shamakhy is located an amazing place Pirkuli, famous for its snows. This is probably the only place in sunny Azerbaijan, where you can enjoy an active winter vacation: go skiing and snowboarding.

Juma mosque
Eddie Gumbes