Team Building (literally "building a team") is an active corporate holiday aimed at uniting the team. This is one of the most effective tools for organizing the management of the company's personnel. It allows to develop team spirit in the work of the company's employees. It gives an opportunity to identify and realize the personal and team potential of employees, and also allows to develop the ability of company employees to make decisions in conflict, critical and non-standard situations. This is a serious method of non-material motivation of staff, allowing employees to feel the company's attention to each of its employees.
The trainings are aimed at:
- The organization of the atmosphere of informal communication
- Direct team building
- Developing team spirit and teamwork skills
- Identifying leaders
- Team building
- Psychological discharge

AVA TOUR conducts events on organization of Team Building of various scales and levels in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. To organize such events, our company works with many entertainment centers in hotel restaurants.

AVA TOUR company has experience of holding events in the amount of 10 to 200 guests.
We can offer you both entertaining forms of the event, where participants will be involved in an unforgettable adventure atmosphere, as well as classic games aimed at team building.

At the end of the event you will receive:
- Cohesive and friendly staff
- The atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance in the team
- Great working capacity and motivation
- Increase the corporate spirit in the company,

but in the end:
Increase the company's success, profit and trust from customers.

We will be glad to answer all the interesting questions regarding the organization of the event on Team Building.