The Governor's Garden

The Governor's Garden
The Gubernatorial Garden is now called the Philharmonic Garden, here is the philharmonic named after Muslim Magomayev.

The Governor's Garden is considered the oldest garden in Baku. It occupies four and a half hectares, and was defeated in the thirties of the last century on the site of private gardens and vegetable gardens. For a long time the Governor's garden was the only garden in the city.

The commandant of the city ordered the captains and owners of vessels going from Iran to Baku to bring a few bags of chernozem for the establishment of gardens; someone who does not fulfill the order, was expecting a large fine. Planted mulberry, karagach, pine, acacia. We broke the flower gardens. In addition to local tree species, trees were brought from other parts of the world.

By the seventies of the last century the territory of the Governor's garden was significantly expanded, decorative trees were planted there, arbors and terraces were built. Entrance to the garden for ordinary citizens was limited to one day of the week.

Now the garden is completely restored, and similar to the European one, with fountains and alleys, along which Bakuis and guests of the city are happy to walk.