The main sights of Azerbaijan

The main sights of Azerbaijan

Any corner of the camp is unique and unique. The centers of the ancient khanates are famous for their mosques, fortresses and palaces, and remote settlements - craft and natural beauties.

Tourists are attracted to the opportunity in a short period of time to get acquainted with different objects of inanimate nature: mountains, valleys, plains, semi-deserts, forests, meadows, mountain rivers and thermal springs, seascapes.

On a special account, the Gobustan Reserve, Tengi Canyon, Afurdzhinsky Falls are listed in the list of natural attractions. Travelers are happy to combine beach holidays in the Caspian with trekking in picturesque places. They go to Azerbaijan and to adjust health to local balneological resorts.


Attractions of the country will satisfy any interests of travelers. This city architecture, and nature reserves, and historical sites, and cultural monuments, and much, much more. Among the most famous: Gobustan reserve, Ateshgah temple, Maiden tower, Sheki khan's palace, Khinalig village. Traditional souvenirs, which take with a good memory of the voyage of tourists are: jewelry jewelry and precious jewelry, silk products, local wine, Guba carpets, etc.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
The State Museum of Azerbaijani Carpet and Folk Applied Arts was founded in 1967. Its recognizable and modern building stands in the heart of the city, near Primorsky Boulevard. The Bakuis believe that this is the first museum in the world devoted to carpets. But here you can see not only them.

Gobustan Reserve
Gobustan - cave paintings and mud volcanoes included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage - one of the most memorable sights of Azerbaijan. The reserve, located only 50-60 km from the capital of the country of Baku, will be an excellent excursion for half a day.

Palace of Sheki khans
A very small but unusually beautiful former residence of Sheki khans can be called the "quintessence" of Eastern culture - architecture, interior decoration, wall murals: here everything says that you are in the heart of the mysterious and sultry "Country of Lights".

Shirvanshahs Palace
The Shirvanshahs palace is the pearl of the architectural heritage of Azerbaijan, the former residence of the rulers of Shirvan, located in the heart of Baku. Amazing beauty complex besides the palace includes the court Diwan-khan, the tomb, the mosque of 1441, the bath and the mausoleum of the scientist Seyid Yahya Bakuvi.

Maiden Tower in Baku
The most majestic and most mysterious monument of Baku Maiden's Tower, or Giz Galasy, rises in the south-eastern part of the fortress of Icheri Sheher and has long been considered a symbol of the city. This unique construction of Azerbaijani architecture has no analogues in the East.

Getting to the old part of Baku - Icheri-Shekher - it seems that you are leaving the ship "Mikhail Svetlov" from the film "The Diamond Arm". Yes, the shooting of the eastern color for this and other well-known Soviet films took place in Baku, in the old quarter of the capital of Azerbaijan.

Caravanserai in Sheki
Eastern inns, in which tired travelers spent their nights dusting along the Great Silk Road for years - perhaps one of the most interesting sights of Azerbaijan. The name, moreover, they are very exotic - caravanserais.

Lake Goy-gol
One of the most beautiful lakes in Azerbaijan, which wears the modest and cozy eastern name of Goygol, definitely deserves a visit. Located in the west of the country, the lake is part of the national park of the same name, so that the enrichment of the flora and fauna here can only be envied.

Flaming towers in Baku
The highest buildings in Azerbaijan, which are visible from any point of Baku, in their design and, most importantly, their evening illumination really remind a huge bonfire raging in the west of the city, on a high hill, illuminating everything with a reddish reflection.

Square of the National Flag
A significant place for the whole country is located not far from the main base of the Azerbaijani Navy. This is the State Flag Square, where the state flag of the republic rises and the state symbols - emblem, hymn and map of Azerbaijan, made of gilded bronze are depicted.

Temple Ateshgyah
Black City "Akunin is Baku, a city of oil, secrets, secrets and dangers. To fully enjoy the mood of this book and try to imagine the life of the Azerbaijani capital and its environs of the early 20th century can only be found in Surakhani.

Azerbaijan is not accidentally called the "Land of Lights": beating oil on the surface, sparkling in the night with Baku illuminations, frightening flames that covered the surface of the earth for tens of meters ... and this is not an exaggeration.

Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society
The history of the creation of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society is a vivid example of how the cultures of East and West have merged in a mutually beneficial way, and the building itself illustrates the synthesis of architectural and musical arts.

Baku Seaside Boulevard
The handsome Baku seaside boulevard for 16 kilometers stretches along the picturesque coast of the Caspian Sea. Baku residents joke that if you've been here, you can not look at the city any more - and so you'll go home oversaturated with impressions.

Heydar Aliyev Center
The cultural center of Heydar Aliyev, located on the eponymous avenue in Baku, and built according to the project of the legendary diva of architecture Zahi Hadid, in 2014 was recognized as the best building in the world - and it's worth a lot.