The two-thousand-year-old Gabala

The two-thousand-year-old Gabala - the oldest city in Azerbaijan

History of ancient Gabala
The two-thousand-year-old Gabala, the ancient city of Azerbaijan, for 600 years was the capital of ancient Caucasian Albania, mentioned in the works of ancient historians of the first century. Later in Arabic sources it was mentioned as Khazar.
Gabala consistently was part of the state of the Shirvanshahs and the Sheki Khanate. During its long life, the city was repeatedly subjected to devastating invasions. But, despite this, Gabala preserved material evidence of its civilized past. The ruins of ancient Gabala are located 15 km from the modern city. Finds found during the excavations of the ancient fortress can be seen in the city museum. There are many historical and architectural monuments in the vicinity of Gabala.
Modern Gabala is located on the territory of Sheki-Zagatala zone, almost on the border of Dagestan and Georgia. In the vicinity of modern Gabala are the ruins of an ancient city, which is about 2000 years old. The area is rich in walnut and chestnut forests, each of which is about 500 years old. Flowering spring chestnuts represent a unique beauty.

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