Theater of the Young Spectator

The Azerbaijan State Theater of the Young Spectator was founded in Baku in 1928. The beginning of the theater was created by the dramatic circles of amateur performances of pioneers and pupils of the Children's Theater (1927).

 Since April 2009, after major overhaul and reconstruction of the Azerbaijan State Theater of the Young Spectator, which resumed its activity in a building equipped with new technology and modern design, two more have been added - the State Youth Theater and the Baku Chamber Theater. In 2013, a small stage of the theater opened, designed for 45 spectators. Baku TYUZ actively participates in international festivals, seminars and trainings.

On the stage of the theater appear the staging of Azerbaijani and Russian classics, as well as world literary masterpieces. The repertoire of the theater includes: W. Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," the Arab folk tale "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", M.F. Akhundzadeh "The Vizier of the Lenkoran Khan", G.Kh. Andersen "The Ugly Duckling", A. Saig "Tyk-tyk khanum", A. Tolstoy "The Adventures of Pinocchio".