Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater

Statement on March 10, 1873 in the "Club of the Aristocrats" comedy MF. Akhundova "The Vizier of the Lenkoran Khan" students of the Baku Real School under the leadership of the prominent Enlightener Hasanbek Zardabi laid the foundation of the professional national theater, in other words, the Academic National Drama Theater (ANTT).

Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theater named after Samed Vurgun

October 23, 1920 in the newspaper "Azerbaijani poor" a message appeared that according to the Resolution of the People's Commissariat of Education, Azerneshr and Azrosta the State Free Satire-Agitetariat was opened, and on December 20, 1920 a solemn opening was held.

State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater was established in 1920 as the United State Theater. In 1924 the opera company separated from the theater and began to act as an independent Opera and Ballet Theater.

Azerbaijan State Musical Theater

Azerbaijan State Theater of Musical Comedy named after Shikhali Kurbanov (343 seats). The Azerbaijan Folk Musical Comedy Genre appeared in the early 20th century. As an opera this genre appeared after the work of Hajibeyov. His comedy "Husband and Wife", written in 1909, was presented in Baku in 1910. In the following years, Hajibeyov's musical comedies "It's impossible, it's possible" (1911), "Arshin Mal Alan" (1913) were represented. Before the revolution, Hajibeyov's comedies "50 Year Old Man", "Married Bachelor", Kazymovsky's "Molla Jabi", and "Voorhavur" were presented.

Theater of the Young Spectator

The Azerbaijan State Theater of the Young Spectator was founded in Baku in 1928. The beginning of the theater was created by the dramatic circles of amateur performances of pioneers and pupils of the Children's Theater (1927).

Puppet show

The birth of national puppet shows, according to historical data, falls on the Middle Ages. The status of games-performances was realized in 1931 - the year of the foundation of the Azerbaijan Puppet Theater.

Creative scene UNS

The creative stage of the UNS ball was opened on April 22, 2006 in Baku. The head of the project is Professor Nargiz Pashayeva. Uns is not an abbreviation, as it may seem. This is the root of the word UNSIVYET.

Pantomime Theater

The Azerbaijan State Pantomime Theater was established on May 16, 1994 by the order of the Minister of Culture of the Republic as the Pantomime Theater Studio "The Assembly of the Madmen" (based on the comedy of the same name by J. Mamedguluzade) and performed at the Young Spectator Theater.

Song Theater

In 1956, the famous Azerbaijani singer Rashid Behbudov created the State Concert Ensemble "Azerbaijan". In 1965, Rashid Behbudov founded the Song Theater on the basis of this collective and presents new original concert programs to the audience.