Trarroria L’Oliva Baku

Trarroria L'Oliva
Cuisine: Italian | Address: Ул. Z. Taghiyeva 14, Baku
Phone: + (994 12) 493-09-54 | Working hours: 12: 00-02: 00
Popular dishes: spaghetti carbonara, pizza, ravioli with spinach, cat panna, soufflé, creme brulee

You can feel all the splendor of generous Italian cuisine in the restaurant "Trattoria L'Oliva", which is located on Tagiyev street opposite the Mexican restaurant and "PicMus Production LLC". Try the pasta with a variety of sauces and seasonings, salads from fresh vegetables, pizza "Cuatro formagio." Bring your friends to feast on "Chicken Pappardelle" with a sauce of red pepper or "Risotto Saffon" from seafood. In the wine list there is a variety of alcoholic beverages in Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France, Chile. Argentina and South Africa. In the interior of the restaurant we can easily catch the spirit of this Italy: pictures on the walls, beautiful lamps and well-chosen colors complement each other and create a special mood, for which I want to come here more than once. The restaurant has its own page in the social network: https: //