Worldfood Azerbaijan 2018

About Worldfood Azerbaijan 2018:
The 24th Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food Industry" - World Food Azerbaijan 2018 will be held in Baku from May 23 to May 25, 2018.
Your reliable partner in the Caucasus region - Azerbaijan
• Azerbaijan is a dynamically developing country. Today it is one of the most attractive countries for investing in the Caucasus region;
• Azerbaijan is one of the traditional world centers of agriculture;
• The country's climatic diversity allows the cultivation of various types of crops;
• Significant advantage in export of fresh fruits and vegetables;
• Easy access to regional markets;
• GSP, GSP + and free trade agreements with CIS countries;
• Over the past 10 years, the economy of Azerbaijan has grown by more than 1000%. This is one of the most striking examples of rehabilitation among transition economies.

Sections of the exhibition:

• Meat and poultry;
• Dairy products, ice cream;
• Fat and oil products;
• Canned food;
• Confectionery and bakery products;
• Grocery;
• Vegetables and fruits;
• Frozen food;
• Children's and dietary food;
• Tobacco products;
• Food additives and ingredients;
• Fish and seafood;
• Delicacies and exotic marine products.

• Meat processing equipment;
• Canning equipment;
• Bakery equipment;
• Equipment for the dairy industry;
• Equipment for fat and oil production;
• Equipment for the confectionery industry;
• Equipment for bottling;
• Equipment for the production of pasta, dumplings;
• Refrigeration equipment;
• Equipment for supermarkets;
• Equipment for laboratory analysis;
• Processing, cooling and freezing equipment for the fishing industry;
• Equipment for storage, transportation and packaging of marine products.

• Soft drinks;
• Alcoholic beverages;
• Tea;
• Coffee;
• Natural juices;
• Exotic drinks;
• Energetic drinks.