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For many fans of mountain hunting, this is an unforgettable journey. You got the tour, the joy overflows you, but the forces have left you - so much energy was given to get to these peaks. Hunting for a tour requires the hunter to have serious physical training and endurance. For many, this hunting in Azerbaijan is a serious test.

In addition, in the international qualification of trophies, tours are counted as goats in Capra World Slam and as rams in Ovis World Slam. Having obtained one trophy, you can expand your list, like the Baranic Slam, and the Helm of the Mountain Goats. Therefore, up to 250 foreign hunters visit Azerbaijan annually in the hope of obtaining this species.

The average size of the trophy tour in Azerbaijan is 85-90 cm, with a significant amount in the extraction of trophies with a length of horns of 95-100 cm. Truly, Azerbaijan is a paradise for tours. To see groups of stag beetles in 100-120 individuals is not uncommon.

Terms of hunting: from June 1 to October 15

Hunting: Hunting for the Dagestani tour in Azerbaijan is conducted from an approach or a pen, depending on the specific situation. Large stag beasts keep in hard-to-reach places at an altitude of 2,900-3,300 m. The use of horses directly for hunting is limited due to the complex terrain. To avoid numerous debilitating ascents, and with the aim of maximum proximity to animal habitats, "flying" tent camps are used at an altitude of 2500-2700 m. They have to spend several days.

Hunting area: Located 250 km from Baku.
1. Ismayilli - the camp is located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level. Hunting for the Dagestan tour at an altitude of 2700-3000 m. This is the most difficult site for hunting with limited hunting time: from June 1 to September 1.

2. Cuba - the camp is located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level. Perhaps a minor use of horses. Hunting for the Dagestan tour at an altitude of 2300-2500 m.
Accommodation Base camp is located in a picturesque gorge at an altitude of 1900 m. Guests are accommodated in a detached house in which there are two 2-bed rooms. Shower and toilet are equipped outside the house. A professional chef from Baku will offer you national and European cuisine.
Hunters in the group: 1-4 hunters
Climate: From June to August, daytime temperatures range from +20 to +30 degrees, at night + 10, + 15 degrees. It is possible to rain and fog. Snow falls on the tops of the mountains at the end of September. The average temperatures decrease and make up +5, +10 degrees during the day, and nighttime temperatures from -8 to 0. Temperature decrease is often accompanied by a strong north wind


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