Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan

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Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan


09 Mar - 16 Mar


7 days, 6 nights



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Tour Overview

Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan

Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan

Baku - Ismayilli - Gabala - Sheki - Baku
The art of tasting is as old as wine itself. This incredible adventure is the very sacred moment in which a man gets acquainted with wine, learns all the secrets of his storage, distinguishes varieties, recognizes all shades of color and smell, to appreciate his taste.

Tasting wine is not just a technical process: it's art, science and the sacrament. But it would be wrong to think that the secrets of tasting are only available to the initiated. Any person can learn how to taste wine, but in order to understand how it is done, it is not enough to learn the rules - it is necessary to feel the vigor of wine, to include imagination, to make all your senses work correctly and, of course, to have some knowledge and a time reserve . Tasting does not suffer haste and requires a lot of attention.

If you drink wine like water, you will not feel a tenth of what a real good wine can give.

Tour program

Day 1

Arrival in Baku at, Meeting at the airport
Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.
Free evening



Breakfast in the hotel. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby.

09:00 - Sightseeing "Icheri Shahar" (Inner City) - medieval part of the city of Baku, under the protection of UNESCO: - Visit to the museum "Complex of the Shirvanshahs Palace" (XV century), the ancient mosque of Mohammad (11th century), ancient baths and residential buildings, "Market Square", Karavansaraev "Bukhara" and "Multani" (medieval guest houses X1V - XV1 century), "Giz Galasi" (Maiden Tower) - the oldest building of Baku, preserved since the time of Zoroastrian religion (worship) lights).

12:30 Lunch at the national restaurant: national dishes of soup "Dyushbere". (Azerbaijani dumplings are called half the size of ordinary dumplings, they say that dushbara is cooked by a mistress who has a lot of time, because this dish requires slow and laborious work.) And "Sadji Ichi" (the Sage is the most delicious dish of Azerbaijani cuisine from lamb, veal or chicken, which is prepared on the same pan)

14.00 Transfer to the village. Novhany and visit to the wine factory "Fireland" Today, the factory, which employs 115 people, produces wine of 22 varieties, 60% of the products are the basic wine list, 30% - premium, and 10% - top wines.

17.00 Return to Baku. Walking tour with a sightseeing tour of Baku of the "First Oil Boom" era is a walking tour that introduces the history and architecture of the city at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. (Istiglaliet (Nezavisimosti) Street - Nizami Square and Fontanov Square, Baku Embankment - Seaside Park Boulevard).

Dinner at the national restaurant: on the first evening you will try Dolma from the grape leaves. (Dolma is considered to be the queen of Caucasian dishes.) Dolma is a dish that is a grape leaves stuffed with minced meat.

and Arishta pilaf. (This is one of several varieties of Azerbaijani pilaf.) Arishta is a festive dish, which is often served at national weddings)

Return to the hotel.


Baku - Ismayilli - Gabala
Breakfast in the hotel.
08.00 Check-out from the hotel. Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby
08.30 Transfer to the north-western regions of the republic "Azerbaijan winery" (Shamakhi-Ismayilli-Gabala-Sheki)
Arrival in Ismayilli, visiting, tasting and getting to know the "Chateau Monolit" wines. Wine "Ismailli Wine" Alyshan series "Château Monolith" table pink rose 0,75L Made from grape varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon and Mattress, grown in a unique mountain micro zone near the village of Gideali at an altitude of 850m above sea level.
Vineyards are planted on the southern slopes of the mountains, where gray-brown alluvial soils prevail.
Lunch at the territory of the wine enterprise "Chateau Monolith" with further wine tasting.
Moving to Gabala (about 40 km.)
A short excursion program in the Gabala district (complex of mausoleums / XV century / near the village of Khazrya, waterfall "Eddi Gyozal" (Seven beauties) and a panorama of the mountain lake "Noour" in the village of Ruskyan)
Visit to the winery "Aspi winery" and wine tasting "Savalan": It is here, far from the noise of the industrial civilization - in the heart of the Savalan Plain, surrounded by the Turian River tea - these wine growers laboriously cultivate the land and produce wines that can satisfy the taste of the most demanding lovers.
Here is the legendary mountain, a magnificent natural monument that covers the terrain from all winds, and nicknamed the "Sleeping Beauty", which became the symbol of the Gabala district.
Transfer to the hotel, free time.
Dinner in the national restaurant with tasting dishes of regional cuisine, namely "Dash arasy" (shish kebab in the oven)


Gabala-Sheki (70km.)

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free time for rest in the spa area of ​​the hotel "Kavkaz Resort".

12:00 Room service and departure to Sheki (70km).
Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to Sheki

13:30 Arrival in Sheki.

Lunch at the national restaurant, in which you try the Sheki dish "Piti" is an Azerbaijani national dish. The dish has its name from the dishes in which it is prepared. Petit are small clay pots with a volume of 1 liter, in which the national dish of piti is prepared. In food, peas are always added. Basically piti are made from mutton, but no less tasty food is obtained from beef. Petey can be both the first dish and the second, it all depends on the amount of broth-liquid that will remain in the prepared dish.

15:00 After lunch visit the Sheki Wine Factory LLC "Agroinvestcom" and tasting the wines of the "Chinar" line

17:00 Excursion program in the city of Sheki: Inspection of the historical and architectural complex "Yuhary Karavansaray" (XVIII-XIX centuries), acquaintance with the work of local craftsmen and folk craftsmen, panorama of the city from the mountainous part, inspection of the mosque "Omyar Efendi" (XIX century. ), the fortress wall and the towers of the medieval city (XVIII-XIX centuries), the palace of the Sheki Khans (XVIII century), the Albanian Christian temple / museum of folk art (IX-XVIc.), acquaintance with the exposition of the local museum of local lore.
Dinner at the national restaurant Chelebi Khan. This evening you will prepare an Azerbaijani pilau "Syabzy Govurma Plov" (Pilaf with meat and greens)
In the Azerbaijani cuisine dozens of recipes of pilaf are known, one of the most popular and favorite is the Syabzi Plov.
In translation from Farsi "syabzi" means "green", and can refer to both greens and vegetables. In Azerbaijan, Syabzi Plov is made from greens and meat. The main greenery used in this pilaf is an exotic herb called "kyaviar." Kaviar is the Azerbaijan name of the Scented onion (this is what this herb is called in Russia), and in the world it is known as "Chinese Leeks" or "Garlic Chives". It tastes like a bow with a light garlic flavor, and in fact is not so much greenery as a vegetable.
After dinner. Hotel accommodation


Sheki-Baku (about 350 km.)
09.00 - Breakfast at the hotel. Exemption of rooms
Visiting the eastern bazaar.
Moving to Baku Ways of following the Muganlina pass. Once again you will see an unforgettable sight of the panorama of the Greater Caucasus mountain range
13:30 On the way, lunch in one of the restaurants.
17:00 Arrival to Baku. Check in hotel. Small rest at the hotel.
19:00 Departure for farewell dinner at the national restaurant "Karvansaray" with show program (restaurant with national color, dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine / "Kutab", "Plov", "Kabab-Assorti" on vertical ramrods)
21:00 Night Tour "Fires of Baku" Route: From the location of the Baku TV Tower, the tallest structure in Azerbaijan, a panorama of the city opens with a view of Baku Bay. A wide-format review allows you to assess the scale of the metropolis and its contrasting architecture.
Located on the mountainside, the city is built on the principle of an ancient amphitheater, a multi-level, semicircle surrounding the Caspian Sea coast.
The excursion route passes through the central part of Baku through the main and historically significant architectural objects.

Return to the hotel

Day 6


Breakfast at the hotel

It is possible to visit the eastern bazaar, to purchase fruits, vegetables, spices, black caviar, tea, etc.

14: 00-14: 30 Transfer to the airport

The tour price includes:

Accommodation in 4 * hotels
Selected category in standard rooms;
Meals according to the program:
5 breakfasts + 4 lunches + 4 dinners indicated in the program;
Visit to wineries and wine tasting (4 times) indicated in the program.
All transfers according to the program;
Meeting and seeing off at the airport;
All excursions with local Russian-speaking guides according to the program;
Entrance tickets for visiting museums.

At extra charge:
Alcoholic and soft drinks,
Medical insurance

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Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan
Gourmet tour of Azerbaijan

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