Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan

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Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan


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Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan

Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan.

Wild boars are found in most of the territory of Azerbaijan. They can live in very different terrains - in snowy forests, in arid regions, in subtropical forests.
Wild boar is a strong beast with fast movements, easily carrying its heavy but firmly knocked down body on comparatively short strong legs.

Keep boar always small herds, consisting of males, females and piglets. Lonely life is led only by the old sweepers, whom the hunters call "the same people".

With his small eyes the boar sees quite badly, so in his life, an important role is played by smell and hearing. It is not by chance that the first movement of a wild boar suspected of danger is to lift its nose upward and forcefully draw in air, while alerting its ears.

Wild boars lead mostly night life, and in the daytime they rest in the most deaf and hard-to-reach places. However, where they are not disturbed, they are often fed in the afternoon. Like domestic pigs, the boar is an omnivore.

If the prints of the front hooves are wider than 5 cm, the beast is of interest: it means that it weighs about 110 kg, and every additional 6 mm of hoof diameter means an additional weight of about 45 kg.

To shoot a good boar, and in a dense forest, you usually have to follow the trail, which can often be found at the river or in other places where wild boars have the opportunity to dig under the roots.

Coastal reed crepe is the main habitat of wild boar in the Caspian region, providing it with shelter and food. In summer, as the water recedes, the animals go deeper into the spills and rarely appear in the open steppe. At the end of July, the steppe almost completely burns under the hot rays of the sun, and the herbs become unsuitable for food. Reed at this time, on the contrary, begins to develop rapidly.

The forests of the Caucasus mountains can not be imagined without a wild boar. Wild boars prefer beech-hornbeam or oak forests with an understory of hazel or rhododendron yellow. In summer they live in oak forests and chestnut trees.

The most fascinating method of hunting for wild boar is hunting with hounds, which is similar to hunting with beagles on a bear. Hounds are delivered to a place where the path of a wild boar may be on their way. Dogs find a fresh trail and follow it. They drive a wild boar, like a bear, but in this case the persecution may last several days.

However, the most common way to hunt for wild boar is hunting with an approach. Animals are most active at dawn and dusk, when they feed on open spaces. As with deer hunting, the hunter must approach slowly, on the leeward side, because the boar has a very sharp flair and a thin ear. It is necessary to stop often to look and listen. When trolling, sometimes it takes many hours to wade through thickets along the mountainous terrain. Especially careful and careful to be near feeding places and when walking in dense underbrush or high grass, because in such places the boar may lie. If the hunter is lucky, he will see the boar early in the morning, when he feeds and digs under the roots: this is the only chance to catch a wild boar occupied, when he may not notice the human presence.

A boar, wherever he lives, has a habit of building himself a lezhku from branches, brushwood, grass, leaves, all kinds of debris. In mountainous areas these structures are usually created on the ridges, in the open area they can be found under the trees. While they are still fresh, leaves and grass can be clearly visible, but after a while it can be difficult to see them. The boar climbs under all this vegetation, and if it is disturbed, it jumps up noisily and usually rushes down the slope. Therefore, the cautious hunter should approach the known place of rest from the top of the hill or from above on the slope.

Closer to the cultivation of the boar trail begins to go zigzagging and, knowing about this, the hunter must go very carefully. The boar attacks quickly and powerfully, so when trolling for a wild boar, it is not unreasonable to have a double-barreled gun or a 10 or 12 caliber gun loaded with a large grape shot.

The boar is armed with powerful canines, protruding 20 cm from both sides of the snout. Attacking, the beast does not shy away from anything, not even from the hunter. There are cases when hunters had to hide behind the nearest trees to hide from it.


Hunting for wild boar is conducted:

- in Shemakha district
- in the Sheki and Oguz districts
- in the Gakh region
- in Guba and Ismayilli regions
- in the Samukhsky region
- in the Khizi District
- in the Jalilabad region

Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan
Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan
Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan
Hunting for Boars in Azerbaijan

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