Hunting for ducks in Azerbaijan

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Hunting for ducks in Azerbaijan


10 Oct - 16 Oct


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Hunting for ducks in Azerbaijan

Hunting for ducks in Azerbaijan:

"The grassy island suddenly rose to the sky. At first I even decided that it was a mirage, an optical illusion, but quickly realized that it was not an island or grass, but ducks ... "(Safari 2006).

Comfortable accommodation, delicious food, friendly staff, good organization and an amazing amount of game are waiting for hunters on the "feather" in Azerbaijan.
Often experienced shooters can shoot in the morning up to 150 ducks. There is among our clients a record holder who managed to take 400 ducks in one day.

The timing for duck hunting is also very attractive. When the hunt for waterfowl is approaching completion in Russia, here it is just beginning.

Hunting period: October 15 - March 20

Hunting: Duck hunting with stuffed animals.

Hunting area: Hunting for a duck in Azerbaijan is carried out in shallow lakes, where for a duck there is a fine fodder base.
1. The natural lake "SarySu"
Transfer from Baku to the hunting base takes 3 hours - 220 km.

2. The natural lake "Zavvar"
Transfer from Baku to the hunting base takes 2.5 hours - 180 km.

Accommodation: Comfortable hunting house with all amenities. Guests are accommodated in 2 3-bed rooms. A professional chef from the city of Baku will offer you national and European cuisine. Meal 3 times a day with dry rations on the hunt.

Hunters: in the group of 1-4 hunters
Climate: Daytime temperatures of October - November from 3 to 10 degrees, night temperatures from -9 to - 3. Strong north winds are characteristic.

Daytime temperatures in the winter range, on average, range from -10 to -5 degrees. But falls are possible up to -20 and below. The average temperature in March is +5.

Woodcock (Latin Scolopax rusticola) is a small swamp bird of the snipe family nesting in the temperate and subarctic belt of Eurasia. On most of the range, a migratory bird, leads a secretive way of life. The main biotope is the old wet deciduous or mixed forests with wasteland and coppice. Usually leads a single way of life, although sometimes gets into small free groups.

Object of sports hunting.
The Russian name is of German origin and is analogous to the word waldschnepfe (literally "forest kulik").

Hunting for ducks in Azerbaijan

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